About the bot

Martine is a multifunction bot,
She comes equipped with a huge variety of commands, ranging from music (YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud...) in voice channels, to general stuff like a global economy, Rock Paper Scissors, 8Ball, to images stuff with several images commands, nsfw with a lot of categories.
Click on the Commands button on the top to see a full list.

This bot is owned by Predä - 梅丽莎。十四#1001, you can contact him here.
It was first launched on 14 November 2018. She was released to the public in the start of December, 2018.
Now this bot is trusted by 5,622 servers !
You can click on the Discord button at the bottom right of this page to see a preview of the support server.
A Patreon page also exist for this bot, and other activities of the owner, but being a Patron will not give you perks for using Martine, this bot will never cost money to use for users.

This is also a custom fork of Red-DiscordBot v3. Link to the GitHub.
Thanks to them and this amazing community for base of this nice bot, and all the help to improve it. ♡

The artwork/avatar has been made by Babi, an amazing artist.
Thanks to this talentued artist for this beautiful artwork, feel free to look at her DeviantArt profile. A lot of easter eggs are on this artwork also.