Bot prefixes are: , , mart , m! (Without , separators)
That can be changed by an admin by using settings serverprefix command
Here is the list of commands categories the bot has. Click to expand.

Command Description
,play <url_or_search> or ,pl <url_or_search> Play a URL or Search for a track on YouTube.
,skip or ,sk Skip to next track.
,previous or ,prev Play the previous track.
,pause or ,pa Pause the current track.
,resume or ,res Resume a paused track.
,playskip or ,psk Play a choosen URL and skip the current playing track.
,stop or ,st Stop the player, and disconnect.
,connect or ,summon Connect the bot to a voice channel.
,disconnect or ,dc Disconnect the bot of your voice channel.
,shuffle or ,sh Toggle shuffling.
,repeat or ,rept Toggle repeat.
,seek <seconds> Seek ahead or behind a track by seconds.
,now or ,np Show the track playing now.
,queue or ,qe List the queue.
,clear or ,cl Clear the queue and stop music.
,bump Bump a track number to the top of the queue.
,remove Remove a track number from the queue.
,percent Show queue percentage.
,volume Set the volume (1% to 150%).
,audioset Music configurations options.
,search <query> Pick a track with a search.
,search list <search_terms> Queue all tracks found in a search.
,search sc <search_terms> Search on SoundCloud.

Command Description
,8 Ask 8 ball.
,choose Choose between multiples options.
,flip Flip a coin or a user.
,roll Roll a random number.
,fun Create fun things with text.
,face Generate fun/random unicode faces.
,rps Play Rock Paper Scissors.
,trivia Start Trivia session.
,stopwatch Start or stop a stopwatch.
,lmgtfy Create a lmgtfy link.
,dblinfo Show information of a choosen bot on
,twitch or ,youtube Check if a Twitch or YouTube channel is live.
,russian and ,setrussian Start or join a game of russian roulette.
,bank Manage the bank.
,leaderboard Show the leaderboard.
,bankstats Show stats of the bank.
,payday Get some free currency between 50-120 marts.
,slot Use the slot machine.
,daily Daily reward (500 marts + bonus on week-ends) for upvote Martine.
,multicoin Show all crypto the bot support.
, <crypto> Show the actual price of a choosen crypto in the <>.
,convert Convert between different currencies.
,weather Display weather of a given location.
,pokedex Search for information about a Pokemon.
,pokemon Informations about Pokemon. (Items, locations, moves...)

Command Description
,art Send random art from random subreddits.
,imgwelcome Welcome and say goodbye to users with an image. (Only mods)
,birb Send a random birb image.
,cat Send a random cat image.
,catfact Send a random cat fact with a random cat image.
,coffee Send a random coffee image.
,cute Send random cuteness from random subreddits.
,dog Send a random dog image.
,dogfact Send a random dog fact with a random dog image.
,duck Send a random duck image.
,fox Send a random fox image.
,ferret Send a random ferret image.
,lizard Send a random lizard image.
,meme Send a random meme from random subreddits.
,shiba Send a random shiba image.
,subreddit Send random image from a choosen subreddit.
,panda Send a random panda image.
,pandafact Send a random panda fact with a random panda image.
,photo Send random photography from random subreddits.
,pika or ,pikachu Send a random Pikachu image or GIF.
,wallpaper or ,wallp Send a random wallpaper from random subreddits.
,gif <search_term> Retrieve the first search result from Giphy.
,gifr <search_term> Retrieve a random GIF from a Giphy search.
,imagemaker Create various fun images.
,imgur search <search_term> Retrieve 3 random images from a imgur search.

Command Description
,4k Send random 4k images.
,ahegao Send random ahegao images.
,anal Send random anal images.
,ass Send random ass images.
,bdsm Send random bdsm images.
,boobs Send random boobs images.
,bottomless Send random bottomless images.
,blackcock Send random black dick images.
,blowjob Send random blowjob images.
,cosplay Send random nsfw cosplay images.
,cumshot Send random cumshots images.
,cunni Send random cunnilingus images.
,deepthroat Send random deepthroat images.
,dick Send random dick images.
,doublep Send random double penetration images.
,futa Send random futa images.
,gay Send random gay porn images.
,group Send random group nudes images.
,hentai Send random hentai images.
,hololewd Send random hololewd images.
,lesbian Send random lesbian images.
,lewd Send random lewd images.
,milf Send random milf images.
,nekogif Send random nekos gifs.
,oral Send random oral images.
,porngif Send random porn gifs.
,public Send random public images.
,pussy Send random pussy images.
,redhead Send random red heads images.
,realgirls Send random real images.
,rule34 Send random rule34 images.
,squirt Send random squirts images.
,thigh Send random thigh images.
,trap Send random traps images.
,wild Send random gonewild images.
,yiff Send random yiff images.
,cleandm Delete a number specified of DM's from the bot.
,sendnude Send nudes to someone. Works with mentions and IDs.
,nsfwbomb Send multiple Nsfw images in one command between an interval of 2 seconds.

Command Description
,actionlogset Settings for logs.
,actionlogtoggle Toggle wich activity you want to log.
,alias Manage command aliases. (Like ,play=,pl)
,addrole Add a role to a user.
,autorole Settings for autorole. Gives a role when a new user join.
,bankset Base command for bank settings.
,cleanup Delete how many messages you want.
,autoimmune Server settings for immunity from automated actions.
,command Manage the bot commands by disable or enable.
,welcomeset Set greetings and goodbye messages.
,imgwelcome Welcome and say goodbye to users with an image.
,kick Kick a user from this server.
,ban Ban a user.
,hackban Pre-emptively ban a user from this server.
,softban Kick a user and delete 1 day's worth of their messages.
,tempban Temporarily ban a user from this server.
,unban Unban a user from this server.
,massmove Massmove users to another voice channel.
,getroles List all the roles of the server.
,massrole Multiple mass role management.
,modset Manage server administration settings.
,mute Mute users.
,unmute Unmute users.
,rename Change a user's nickname.
,voiceban Ban a user in the server's voice channels.
,voiceunban Unban a user in the server's voice channels.
,otherbot Warn if a bot goes offline.
,autoroomset Settings for autorooms. Clone of voice channels.
,tempchannelset Temporary channel settings.
,raffle Settings for create a raffle/giveaway.
,setraffle Settings for ,raffle.
,rolestats Display number of members in each role.
,guildemojis Display all server emojis.
,say Make the bot say what you want in the desired channel.
,sayd Same as ,say but also delete your message.
,slowmode Set a channels slowmode settings.
,settings Change Martine settings on your Discord server.
,weatherset Settings of the weather command.
,streamset and ,streamalert Manage automated streams alerts.
,settings serverprefix Change the prefix of Martine on your Discord server.

Command Description
,userinfo Show your user informations.
,serverinfo Show the informations of current server.
,info Show info about Martine.
,dblstats Show the stats of Martine on
,usagecount Show the usage stats of the bot. (messages received, etc...)
,botstats Show all the stats of the bot.
,shards Show stats about shards of the bot.
,shardinfo Show stats of shard the server are in.
,ping Show latency of the bot.
,up Show how long the bot has been up.
,patreon Send Patreon link of my owner.
,martinebotsfriends Send a list of Martine friends bots, to promote them.

Command Description
,avatar Show your avatar in large size.
,emoji Post a large size server emoji in chat.
,invitebot Send the invitation link of the bot to invite him on your server.
,upvote Upvote me on DBL.
,prefix Show all prefixes of Martine.
,support Send a link of the support server of Martine.